Priory Road Medical Centre

Breast Cancer Screening

As a practice we really support breast screening. With 1 in 8 women being diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, it’s important to detect cancer as early as possible to have the best chance of successful treatment.
All women registered with our practice and aged 50-70 years will be invited for screening every 3 years. Make sure you attend your appointment when you receive your invitation. Screening saves lives.

Breast screening is a very important part of staying healthy and looking after yourself. Women aged 50-70 years will be invited for screening once every 3 years and it’s really important you attend. If you want to speak to a health professional about breast screening contact 01793 604036. They/We can talk you through what will happen and what to expect. You can also find a handy guide about what happens at breast screening here:

The breast screening van will next be in our area in September to October 2023 We know that attending breast screening is really important and most women will attend when they receive their appointment letter. If you’ve been putting it off, or want to talk the screening appointment through, we’re happy to help and give you the information you need. Call 01793 604036 or contact to find out more.